Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony

How to incorporate Hawaiian tradition into your wedding ceremony?

For many couples, planning a wedding is one of the most important events in their lives. It can be an exciting time filled with anticipation and joy; however, it can also be stressful when putting together all of the logistics for such a large event. One thing that may not cross your mind during this time is incorporating Hawaiian tradition into your ceremony to make it more personal or meaningful for you. There are many ways to incorporate some of the cultures of Hawaii into your wedding ceremony, whether you plan on having a destination wedding on Oahu or another island!

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Have your wedding ceremony in a traditional Hawaiian location, such as the beach

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and it’s a shame that not everyone gets to experience this. You may be thinking about how expensive it is to plan your wedding on an island, but think again. There are many different venues for weddings in Hawaii where you can find some great deals! If you’re looking for something traditional Hawaiian then there are plenty of locations right by the beach where you can have your ceremony with ocean views. There are also many beach parks that you can use.

No matter what your style is, there’s something for everyone in Hawaii. You can find anything from resorts to gardens to luaus! Oahu is probably the most popular island, and it has the largest variety of different places where you can hold your wedding. The best place to look for weddings in Hawaii is online or in local travel guides (such as Frommers) – you’ll get a much better idea of what each location offers when looking at pictures.

Invite family members to speak about their favorite memories of you and your partner

When most people think of weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the white dress. But for many couples, wedding ceremonies are a chance to incorporate their cultural heritage into the proceedings. If you and your partner are of Hawaiian descent, or if you simply want to celebrate your love in a way that honors your ancestors, there are many ways to do so. One great way to include Hawaiian tradition in your wedding ceremony is to invite family members to speak about their favorite memories of you and your partner. This can be a very touching way to celebrate not just your love, but also your shared culture and history.

Include a passage from the Kumulipo, one of Hawai’i’s most beloved chants. This epic poem recounts the history of the Hawaiian people in story form, beginning at the time when only Kane lived in Hawai’i. For many years, Keiki (children) were taught to memorize this. According to tradition, if someone recites it before any important undertaking, that venture will be blessed with much success. An excerpt can provide an elegant starting point for your ceremony; you’ll find several options online which you can print out or read yourself. Afterward, guests may wish to share their favorite stories about you and your partner as well.

Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony

Include leis for guests to wear at the ceremony

While that is certainly a lovely image, there are many other ways to incorporate Hawaiian tradition into your wedding ceremony. One way would be to have leis for guests to wear at the ceremony. This would add a touch of color and beauty, and would also be a nod to the culture and heritage of Hawaii. Another option is to have a hula performance as part of the ceremony. This would be especially appropriate if you are marrying on one of Hawaii’s many stunning beaches. Whatever way you choose to incorporate Hawaiian tradition into your wedding day, it is sure to be memorable and special for all who attend!

Leis are the most traditional ways to incorporate Hawaiian tradition into your wedding ceremony. They are usually composed of various types of flowers, leaves, or berries. Depending on what is available in Hawaii at the time, guests may be given a fresh flower lei or one made from dried materials.

Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony

Wear a traditional Hawaiian dress with flower crowns instead of tiaras on your head

Wearing a traditional Hawaiian dress with flower crowns instead of tiaras on your head is one way to incorporate Hawaiian tradition into your wedding ceremony.   This idea will make the ceremony more meaningful for guests and also feel exotic, different, and exciting. You can even have lei around the room as decoration or use them as table centerpieces. A major part of this culture is music so you may want to hire a ukulele player for entertainment during dinner or ask someone who knows how to play it to help you learn some songs before the big day.  The most important thing about any wedding is that everyone has fun! So don’t be afraid to try new things like incorporating Hawaiian traditions because they’ll only add more love and excitement to your special day.

Serve pupu platters during cocktail hour with items like poke, kalua pig, chicken long rice, or shrimp tempura

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, perfect weather, and the Aloha Spirit. It’s no wonder that many people choose to get married in Hawaii! Though it can be tough to plan a wedding from afar, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate traditional Hawaiian culture into your ceremony. Here are some ideas for incorporating pupu platters into your reception menu: serve poke during cocktail hour with items like kalua pig, chicken long rice, or shrimp tempura on them; have poke as an appetizer before dinner, or offer salad rolls as part of the meal. There are so many different ways to include pupu platters at your wedding – just make sure you have enough variety so guests don’t get bored!

Hawaiian flower leis are also a beautiful touch. You can buy or rent them for your guests to wear during the ceremony, take lots of pictures with the bridal party while wearing them, and give them out as favors at the end of the night. The Hawaiian tradition is to offer leis only when you’re very close to someone, so guests will understand you only choose to offer them to the most special people in your life.

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