Private Polynesian Luau in Hawaii

    Aloha! A Warm Welcome To Everyone!

    Come one, come all! The tiki torches have been lighted. The Luau festivities have begun!

    You guessed it right! We are in an island paradise and we are going to enjoy a private Polynesian luau in Hawaii, a top tourist destination in the world!

    It’s twilight and the tropical sun is slowly fading from view. In its place, we are bidding welcome to the teeming stars in the tropical night sky and we are reminded that we are in the middle of an island parade that’s anchored in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean.

    Savor delectable and tempting tastes of Polynesia culinary delights while you enjoy the performance of the hula dancers as they bring back to life the storied and colorful past of ancient Hawaii.

    Be thrilled as the pahu drums are throbbing to the cascading of the surf which is only a few lengths away from where you are.

    Fire and Knife dancers are taking the limelight on the stage as they electrify everyone throughout the pleasant evening with their blazing torches.

    Meanwhile, you are quietly relaxing and sipping a delicious cocktail and savor everything happening.

    This is an authentic private Luau Hawaii has always been the best to offer, and is one of the prime reasons why you have visited the islands, again and again.

    You’re now sitting on the warmth of the sandy shores on the peaceful beach and you’re breathing in the scents of the festive atmosphere. You’re also gazing at the full moon with your chilled drink in your hand, with the breezy tradewinds tossing back your hair. There’s no better place to be tonight than in a delightful Hawaiian setting, whether on the beach, at your hotel, timeshare or private residence. As the night falls and the waves keep rushing in, let the fun that the Luau has to offer begin.

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    The Luau guests are welcomed warmly with traditional Hawaiian Shell Lei. Then, the primitive sound of the conch shell announces the commencement of the night’s festivities.

    Picture taking opportunities await everyone as the Lei laced guests are coming in, pair by pair. The imu or underground oven is ceremoniously uncovered to disperse the savory aroma of the roasted pig or Kalua Pua’a, the main course of the celebration. This delightfully reminds us that dinner will be served in a while.

    There are a few quintessentially Hawaiian activities that have a touch of the islands than a Luau. If you’re a visitor to this part of the globe, your itinerary won’t be complete without a private Polynesian Luau in Hawaii.


    Planning a Luau or going to one is definitely worth a slot or two in your Hawaii vacation schedule. For $100 or a little bit more per person, you get to savor delectable Polynesian recipes and watch graceful and colorful hula dancers. And Luaus usually feature native food that can’t be found in a resort or hotel menu.


    As an example, many Luaus include lau lau which is fish or pork that is wrapped in a taro or ti leaf. Then it is cooked in the imu just like the Kalua Pua’a. Also, no Luau is complete without a taste of poi, a traditional Hawaiian food made from the root of the taro plant.

    In a Luau, poi is eaten with salty foods wherein the guests will dip their fingers into the poi and enjoy it together with lomi lomi (a salmon delicacy) or kalua pork. This balances the saltiness.

    Most Luaus organize a buffet dinner, but some of them can offer table service.


    As for drinks, choose amazing flavors that a tropical paradise like Hawaii could best produce with local ingredients. They include Blue Hawaiian, Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Chi Chi, Lava Flow, and also other standard bar drinks like domestic and imported beers and wine.

    If you want to feel really authentic Hawaiian, ask your Luau coordinator for the Awa Experience. It is pronounced ah vah and means bitter, in reference to the acquired taste of the kava root.

    The earliest Polynesian adventurers in Hawaii brought in their sailing canoes these plants which are the main ingredients in this drink of pleasure which was once reserved for the Polynesian chieftains.


    The night is young. Expect it to be filled with a lot more excitement and thrills during or after the dinner as the performing kane (men) and wahine (women) guide you through a non stop, energy filled show which features Hawaiian culture and traditions.

    The dazzling and skillful dancers, who flawlessly flow through the motions of Tahitian and Polynesian music, move in colorful costumes and tall headdresses. They have incredible stamina, unique movements and very cheerful dispositions which elicited several rounds of applause from the appreciative vacationers.

    The Luau show’s special finale is usually the Samoan Fire knife dance, called the Tooth of Death. This dance is performed with a very sharp blade which requires performers who have had several years of practice for this very dangerous dance.


    As optional events, you could ask your Luau coordinator to integrate other interesting cultural activities such as temporary tattoos, lei making, ukelele lessons, hula dance lessons and coconut headband weaving.


    You should reserve in advance a whole Luau package wherever you are in Hawaii because they are pretty much in demand as an itinerary must do when tourists visit the islands.

    The Luau coordinators will assist you with your inquiries regarding the sequence of events and the type of events that you would like included in your customized and private Polynesian Luau in Hawaii. Their prime goal is to create a whole event that would be an unforgettable experience for you and your group.
    They will also propose different packages depending on your budget and special requests.

    There is no Luau that is too big or too small for a professional Polynesian Luau company. They can be able to come up with concepts and proposals that will meet your satisfaction and also focused toward the nature of the event being celebrated.
    Call us now for your special Luau event!