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Are you planning a family vacation, celebrating a wedding, a romantic anniversary getaway, or possibly planning a work retreat to the Hawaiian Islands? Visit Hawaii Luau Company – Private Luaus, Hula & Entertainment to find all of your local, historical and cultural entertainment needs. Here at Hawaii Luau Company, we promote the finest local talent and Maui musicians for hire to enhance the entertainment at your events and special occasions for your next Hawaiian adventure.

Here at Hawaii Luau Company, our cultural experts work closely with veteran show producers and dynamic directors to organize and coordinate unique experiences for a variety of events. With over 20+ years of successful event planning, we provide the highest quality of Maui entertainment.

Maui music has always been the Heartbeat of Hawaii. All of our Maui musicians for hire are native Hawaiians born to sing the songs of our Islands. Honoring their heritage of Polynesian traditions and rituals, dance and music are highlights of our extraordinary shows and events. Our past successes speak for us. The Hawaii Luau Company produced “Huaka’i- Journey Through Polynesia,” which was performed weekly for 6 years at the Ka’anapali Beach Club Resort in Maui. These luaus are well-known throughout Hawaii as the islands’ premier entertainment companies. Maui entertainment makes for unforgettable events and memories.

Our company’s main mission

Our Company’s Main Mission

is to provide you with the best Maui musicians for hire that will keep you entertained throughout your stay on the island. Whether you want hula dancers, musicians, fire knife dancers, or a local officiant for your special day, we will make all of the arrangements to come to your hotel, timeshare or private residence in Maui to teach you about the intriguing local culture, traditions and heritage of Polynesian and Hawaiian island natives.

Experience The Best

that Maui entertainment has to offer with historical hula dancers that share the stories of their heritage with the Oli, a traditional Hawaiian chant. Embrace and enjoy the local heritage in Hawaii with Hawaii Luau Company’s local Maui entertainment. Maui musicians for hire are sure to make every event more memorable. Let us help you make your special day even more special with a wedding �Ohana and traditional ceremonial rituals or enjoy an authentic adventure with a private luau experience.

Learn How To Dance The Hula’auana

which combines traditional dance moves from the original Hula Kahiko. The first hula was created to praise Hawaiian chiefs and honor Hawaiian gods and goddesses. Feel the rhythm of the drums, smell the salty ocean air, feast on local delicacies and dance the night away with our endless event possibilities. Watch the sunset and listen to the ocean waves ebb and flow against the sandy beach. Our destination management company invites you to explore Hawaiian and Polynesian culture through music, dance, storytelling and delicious local cuisine. Our private luau experiences are spectacular shows you won’t want to miss!


As for drinks, choose amazing flavors that a tropical paradise like Hawaii could best produce with local ingredients. They include Blue Hawaiian, Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Chi Chi, Lava Flow, and also other standard bar drinks like domestic and imported beers and wine.

If you want to feel really authentic Hawaiian, ask your Luau coordinator for the Awa Experience. It is pronounced ah vah and means bitter, in reference to the acquired taste of the kava root.

The earliest Polynesian adventurers in Hawaii brought in their sailing canoes these plants which are the main ingredients in this drink of pleasure which was once reserved for the Polynesian chieftains.


The night is young. Expect it to be filled with a lot more excitement and thrills during or after the dinner as the performing kane (men) and wahine (women) guide you through a non stop, energy filled show which features Hawaiian culture and traditions.

The dazzling and skillful dancers, who flawlessly flow through the motions of Tahitian and Polynesian music, move in colorful costumes and tall headdresses. They have incredible stamina, unique movements and very cheerful dispositions which elicited several rounds of applause from the appreciative vacationers.

The Luau show’s special finale is usually the Samoan Fire knife dance, called the Tooth of Death. This dance is performed with a very sharp blade which requires performers who have had several years of practice for this very dangerous dance.

Our Audiences Have The Opportunity

to meet the performers upon entering the private luau in a picture-perfect island destination with an oceanfront view overlooking the volcanic landscapes of Molokai and Lanai. Not to mention, the authentic underground oven cooking is the perfect addition to any cultural ceremony, special event or company retreat. After a magical sunset, dance the night away on a beautiful beach to music from the most talented Maui musicians for hire as you feast on Hawaiian cuisine before appreciating a performance of an authentic Hawaiian luau.

The Hawaii Luau Company Has A Dynamically Diverse Collection

of Maui’s most talented musicians and dancers. We pride ourselves on promoting local, award-winning musicians skilled in guitar, ukulele and drums. Need a full band? No problem! We have those ready to play for any occasion. Looking for traditional rituals and dance performances? Our fire knife dancers put on a truly spectacular show that is both culturally and historically accurate. Incorporate our Hula, Tahitian and Fire Knife dancers with your Maui musicians to make your special event all the more memorable.

Allow Our Aloha Spirit To Set The Tone

of your corporate meeting, ceremonies, special occasions, private events and receptions. Immerse yourself in the historic culture of Hawaii through music, chants, song and dance. Awe-inspiring acrobatic stunts, ritual dances and twirling the fire knife are spectacles you won’t want to miss.

Our Fire Knife Dancers Put On A Remarkable Ritual Show

Arriving ready to set fire to the night, the island’s hottest show will surely keep all of your employees engaged with team-building exercises. Enjoy a live presentation of different Hula styles during a customary luau including the traditional Auana and Tahitian Hulas. Professional dancers will teach your audience popular hula steps and encourage your team to work together while having fun learning about classic island culture.

We Also Offer

inspiring educational opportunities for all visitors. Learn about the Hawaiian Monarchy and the history of the island. Meet real locals and hear about Hawaii through their eyes. Gain insights on Hawaiian language, crafts, activities, how to make leis, lauhala and shell bracelets, Ti leaf headpieces or take a hula or ukulele lesson from a professional Maui musician.

As Native Islanders

we love our home and understand the importance of sharing information about ocean conservation and environmental conservation projects that provide incredible volunteer and engaging educational opportunities for all ages. The Hawaii Luau Company encourages all island guests to get involved to make a difference so be sure to ask us about our local conservation efforts.

If You Are Ready To Start Planning Your Next Event In Maui

contact us today to discover which Maui musicians for hire and which Maui entertainment is best for your unique occasion. Not sure what to plan, we can assist you with that, too. Relax and let the experts at the Hawaii Luau Company guide you to a successful and entertaining event.

Come Dance With Us

listen to the songs of our islands and hear the history of Hawaii. We are here to help you make the most of your time exploring the Hawaiian Islands and discovering the local culture. We promise to take care of all of your Maui entertainment and event needs so you can sit back and enjoy your vacation.