Mele Luau Oahu

A Polynesian Love Story

The Authentic Oahu Luau

Authentic Luau Oahu Love Story

Become part of a spectacular Hawaiian Luau that combines a Hawaii plantation style tasting menu with unforgettable Polynesian entertainment, unique activities and fascinating demonstrations. The luau buffet has an excellent variety that accommodates most guests’ dietary restrictions, allergies (including gluten), vegetarians, and vegans.

Comprehensive Corporate Luaus Hawaii

Mele Luau, an authentic Polynesian experience, follows the epic journey of Tahitian voyager, Tamatoa, on his quest to find true love.  Join him on this odyssey of passion and myths, from the rousing drumbeats of the grand Tahitian opening dance, to the fire of Samoa and the ferocious Maori warriors of Aotearoa. Challenges and mishaps abound as Tamatoa makes his way to Hawaii, where this exotic love story unfolds.

Guided by the esteemed Tahitian choreographers, Manurri and Nalini Gauthier and the celebrated Hawaiian choreographers, Kaniala and Melody Masoe, Mele Luau gathers this generation’s zeal for all that is Polynesian and delivers it to the audience with grace and humor.  

A stage under the stars filled with dancers in colorful costumes and Tahitian drums rushing through the night will create dreams of a Hawaii not to be forgotten. Join us and feel the compelling pulse of Mele Luau at Coral Crater.  

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Our corporate luaus Oahu will give you a glimpse of the history and culture of Hawaiian natives. There is a lot of music, dance, songs, food, drinks, and entertainment. We have found a way of being able to present a traditional luau, with an incorporation of modern adventures. Contact us for more information and to book an event.

Our Oahu Hawaiian entertainment packages include Polynesian Drummers, Interactive Luau Display Implements, Technical Assistance, as well as support with Transportation and Housing. We handle these logistics to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

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