Hawaiian Entertainment Fire Knife Dancer

One of the joys of visiting Hawaii is that you are transported to a beautiful world with a wonderful atmosphere and rich culture. It is unlike any of the other states and a place to enjoy to the full. Hawaiian luaus, fire knife dancing, and other types of cultural performances are a great start. Guests that arrive in Hawaii for corporate events or weddings can experience this by booking a performance from Hawaii Luau Company. So, why choose Hawaii Luau Company for the best fire knife dancers for hire Hawaii has to offer?

What Is A Fire Knife?

If you have never seen or heard of fire knife dancing, you are in for a treat when you see this portion of the show. The fire knife is a traditional part of Polynesian culture and is used in many ceremonial dances. The knife itself is a machete blade with towels on either end. These are set alight and performers dance with them to create spectacular motions and shapes with the flames. It is all as dangerous as it sounds and requires skilled performers that respect the art and know how to handle the blade. The intensity and drama of the performance remain at a high for any performance at events and parties. So, you are in for a treat when you add fire knife dancing to your Hawaiian entertainment package.

Why Should You Hire A Traditional Luau Company?

All the best events have some form of entertainment act to keep guests entertained and make them feel like they are getting a great night out. You want to show employees that they are valued during a company retreat. You want to show friends and family that you appreciate the effort made to fly all the way out to a destination wedding. You definitely don’t want them to feel bored or that they have wasted their time.

However, some forms of entertainment are more suitable than others and the last thing you want is a tired old act everyone has seen a million times before. You want something fresh and exciting that people will take about for years to come. This means something that people stand up and get their phones out for to take videos or share on social media. When you book an event in Hawaii, there is nothing more special and engaging than an authentic Hawaiian Luau act. You can enjoy a diverse range of performances with hula, music, and the ever-exciting fire knife dancers.

The best way to do this is to work with an authentic group of performers that understands the skills required. None of this is easy and it takes hard work and dedication to be a talented dancer. Local performers also have a rich understanding of the culture and experiences behind the performance. They can translate that and educate visitors much more effectively than someone new to the island. Of course, the other benefit of hiring a local group of authentic performers is that you get to support the arts and culture of the islands and give back to your Hawaiian hosts.

Bring Authentic Luau Entertainment To Your Next Hawaiian Event

Traditional Hawaiian entertainment is a brilliant way to bring some joy and island culture to your event. You can enhance the vibe of an occasion and have a lot of fun learning about the different skills. Fire Knife dancing is a big part of a wider Hawaiian entertainment package and is sure to make any event one to remember for a long time to come. There are lots of event packages on offer to suit your needs and bring out the best from our performers. They include,

a) corporate events

b) private parties

c) destination weddings

Corporate events are a great place to bring in some exciting entertainment with fire knife dancers. Even if your company is based in Hawaii, this is going to be a completely different atmosphere to the mundane 9-5 experience back in the office. Give employees and shareholders the chance to relax and experience something unforgettable as a way of thanking them for their hard work over the year.

Or, you might want to bring fire knife dancers and hula to your destination wedding. Weddings are stressful enough at the best of times without worrying about entertaining your guests after the ceremony. Relax as a newly-married couple and let our dancers take care of all that for you. It is a great way to create some brilliant memories and ensure that your special occasion is even more special than you expected.

Why Choose Hawaii Luau Company For Your Special Occasion?

There are lots of reasons to choose this skilled team for your corporate event, wedding, or other private function. You are guaranteed the best fire knife dancers for hire Hawaii has to offer. The most important benefits in working with this team are that,

a) provide an exciting package of entertainment everyone will love

b) have plenty of experience with luau entertainment

c) work across all four islands

Hawaii Luau Company is run by Kaniala and Melody Masoe, and they work with a series of experienced performers and creative producers to provide the very best entertainment for clients. The company has done this for more than 20 years so you know you know you are working with a professional team with lots of successful shows behind them. Over the years, they have crafted the very best show that tells a compelling story of the islands and a true representation of Hawaiian culture – all while retaining the excitement and diversity needed for a captivating show. You can be sure of a great time, whatever the event, on any of the four Hawaiian islands Where others may base themselves purely on Maui, we are prepared to travel.

Contact Hawaii Luau Company Today To Learn More.

If the prospect of seeing authentic fire knife dancing and bringing the luau atmosphere to your event is appealing, you can contact the company to learn more. This booking will help to elevate your event and provide an experience that you have never had before. It is the perfect way to bring an authentic flavor of the islands to your trip.