Hawaii Luau Company Wahikuli Kaanapali

Wahikuli, a small settlement located on Maui’s island is just north of Lahaina. It is alsosouth of Kaanapali.

Wahikuli, a small settlement located on Maui’s island is just north of Lahaina. It is alsosouth of Kaanapali.The neighborhood’s coastal section is served by Wahikuli WaysidePark.The residential area is also located right across thehighway.The neighborhoodis divided into three subdivisions, listed in descending order of north to south:Hawaiian Homes (reserved only for people with at minimum 50 percent nativeHawaiian heritage), Wahikuli Houselots and Wahikuli Estates.Wahikuli Terrace is beautiful. The fact that there aren’t any condos or hotels within thevicinity makes it feel like you’re part of a community.Due to the lack of inventory,single-family homes are scarce in West Maui.Wahikuli is a great place to watch, as ithas lots of potential.Maui is one the most beautiful islands in the Hawaiian archipelago.There are manybeautiful spots and clean beaches throughout Maui’s tourist attractions. One of themost prominent communities is Wahikuli, located on the island’s northernshore.Wahikuli Dive Shop provides this excellent reference for divers and snorkelers.It includes maps of the best snorkeling spots, tips, recommendations, articles andmore.Maui’s stunning ocean surrounds it.Be careful, as rocks can be found beneaththe surface.Wahikuli Beach or Wahikuli Wayside Park, as it is more commonly known, can befound just a few minutes south of Hanakao’o Beach Park/ Canoe Beach on west Maui,along Honoapiilani Highway.This is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.Thereare many great spots for diving or snorkeling in Wahiluki.There are many excellentspots to snorkel around Maui’s northwest coast. Many of these places are suitable forbeginners.Sometimes you may just want to watch the world pass by. You might spotshells at the surface or observe turtles through the water below.Swimmers will find themselves quickly in open water as the sand ishes away from bothsides. However, it is safe to bathe unless there are heavy winter waves.This is a greatspot for snorkeling, and probably the best snorkeling area on Maui. It can be foundalong the rough volcanic coastline around the Black Rock.Swimming is more enjoyable when the tides are fast. There is also a break barrierwhich provides a safe area for children youngerthan 5.It is advisable that you swim atyour own risk and with care as there are not many lifeguards on Maui’s beaches.Inthis area, swimming and snorkeling are acceptable but not exceptional.PapalauaBeach can be as convenient as the beaches along theroad, but not exceptional.