Plan The Ultimate Couple’s Adventure Vacation

Planning a trip with friends and family can be challenging, but even more so when it’s with a significant other. Whether it’s your first trip or fiftieth, the following advice can help make the trip a breeze. From choosing a destination and activities to packing and preparing for the journey itself, work together to meet the needs and desires you both are looking for while away. It will certainly enhance your vacation altogether.


Selecting a destination for your adventurous vacation can be tricky if you both want to do different things. Couples who seek seasonal outdoor adventure activities will find the choosing easier. No matter if you plan to hike, snorkel, ski, cycle, or even kiteboard, consider each other’s needs when making your destination decision. So that you both get a chance to explore the activities you desire, plan ahead to ensure you’re able to do everything at the top of your list. However, keeping some wiggle room in the itinerary will allow you to find some spontaneity, too.

Consider nearby destinations that are a short drive away for a quickly planned weekend getaway. If you choose to plan a big trip in Hawaii, you’ll want to plan well in advance, and remember to include enough days on either end of the vacation to adjust from the jet lag. You will both be happier if you are not tired and suffering from the flight.


One of the earliest and best ways to make sure everyone enjoys the trip is to discuss budgets and schedules. If someone feels crunched for money or time, it will make the trip planning and the vacation itself feel like a drain for one person while taking the joy out of it for the other person. It’s best to discuss parameters and who will pay for what — such as flights or the hotels — ahead of time to ensure it’s a successful trip. Remember to pad the budget a bit for exciting tours and in-the-moment splurges like an extra bottle of wine and souvenirs.

Consider ways to save money to make your vacation more memorable. For example, if you’re planning a weekend getaway, you could choose to camp instead of renting a cabin. You can find a great campsite, have a fire, and get closer to nature. Or, rather than stay in a pricey hotel, why not choose a vacation rental? You can still enjoy this island paradise without spending a fortune. A rental enables you to cook your own food, enjoy extra privacy and position yourself near places you may want to visit, like the Haleakala Summit, Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach, or experience a private luau event or Hawaiian Entertainment or wedding in Hawaii.

You’ll also need to plan well in advance for any gear you may need. In Maui, this will include surfboards, snorkeling gear, and even hiking boots. These necessary items are often used for long stints over multiple days on outdoor adventure travels, so they should be broken in and comfortable well in advance of the activities.

No matter where you roam together, these will ensure you have a wonderful time without compromise. Working together and being upfront before you travel is always the best way to make sure everyone gets the vacation they want.

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