How To Plan An Awesome, Budget-Friendly Trip With Your Pooch

Traveling is awesome. Dogs are awesome. Why then do so many dog owners opt to leave their pooch behind when they travel? Yes, dogs require a lot of attention, and they really do change the way you have to plan your trips. However, having your canine companion by your side to enjoy new sights and experiences can take your trip’s awesomeness to the next level.

If you’ve been wondering whether you should bring your dog along on your next trip, the answer is simple: absolutely. As you start to get your travel arrangements in order, consider these budget-friendly travel tips to make your trip go as smoothly as possible.

Pack the Right Supplies

Your whole trip will go much better if you bring along the things you need for your pup. Think about what your dog’s current daily needs are and bring whatever is necessary to meet them. For instance, make sure you pack enough of their food, snacks, bones, and toys. You also might want to bring a blanket of theirs in case they need comfort in a new environment. And if they’re not going to be sleeping in the bed with you, be sure to bring their bed.

There are also travel-specific items that you will need to consider, such as:

  • A travel crate/carrier
  • A quality leash and collar
  • walking harness
  • Portable food and water bowls

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Research Dog-Friendly Lodging

It’s essential to consider your pup when you book lodging. Whether you plan on staying at a hotel, RV park or vacation rental, speak with a representative about their pet policies, as well as any dog-friendly accommodations that they offer. Also, make sure you ask about any extra costs associated with pets. Even if you’re planning to stay with family or friends, ensure they are clear that you will be bringing Fido. Staying with loved ones or at a vacation rental is a good way to go for saving money while gaining more space for your pooch to roam.

Research Dog-Friendly Activities

Don’t you want to have fun on your trip? Your dog does, too! Research your destination and make sure there are free dog-friendly activities nearby. Dog-friendly parks, hiking trails, and beaches are hard to beat when it comes to Fido having a blast while burning off energy.

Take Precautions During Transit

Whether you’re driving or flying to your destination, you will want to plan ahead and take precautions. If you’re driving, make sure your pup has a comfortable and safe place to rest, be it a travel crate, travel harness, bed, or blanket. Also, keep their food and water bowls in an accessible place (i.e. in the front seat floorboard or passenger-side rear floorboard). Moreover, map out your stops along the way; you’ll always want to know that the restaurants or walking trails you go will accommodate your pooch!

If you’re flying, contact the airline for a detailed layout of their restrictions and guidelines for pets. Along with bringing a comfortable travel crate/carrier, make sure your dog doesn’t drink or eat anything, and ensure they get their energy out and use the bathroom before boarding.

With a little planning, you can have a great trip with your dog that doesn’t bust your budget. Be sure to bring along all the necessary supplies, and research dog-friendly lodging and activities on your way to and at your destination. Also, take the proper precautions while driving or flying. Implementing these tips can help keep you and Fido happy throughout the entire trip!

Courtesy: Nick Burton