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Hawaii Luau Company (www.hawaiiluaucompany.com) specializes in destination weddings in Hawaii. Our goal is to provide the best experience to having a wedding in Hawaii.

Whenever a destination wedding in Hawaii occurs, there is always the fear that the wedding party will misplan their wedding. A wedding in Hawaii is special…one of a kind in the most beautiful islands in the world. But, a destination wedding in Hawaii cost a lot of money! That is why we are here to give great tips.

There are a lot of ways to do it. Consider these factors

Hawaii Destination Wedding cost- factor this in first!

Destination Hawaii Wedding Packages- lots of wedding packages can be offered. Hawaii Luau Company Offers Lots Of Wedding Packages!

Hawaii Destination Wedding All Inclusive- not as popular in Hawaii, but they can still be found

Hawaii Destination Wedding Invitations- be sure to think this through…really, how many people are actually going to travel to the wedding?

Hawaii Destination Wedding Planner- always a good idea! Hawaii wedding company solves this problem with Hawaii luau company pricing.

Destination Wedding In Maui Hawaii- what could be better?!


Hawaii destination wedding maui- maui no ka oi! There is nothing like it.

Some more tips:

What kind of cake should you get? How can you save money on that Hawaiian wedding dress? And how do you entertain guests? If you’re planning your wedding…you’ve probably been thinking about those questions and much more. Answers can be found at the Hawaii bridal expo, which is a great resource.

What is the best way brides can maximize their time at the show? Bring your best creative friends who will help you with ideas, organization and opinions. Be sure to bring your undergarments so you are prepared to try things on as well as the 2-3 pairs of shoes that you might wear with your dress.

Bring your ideas, pinterest pages, color swatches and any other info you have put together. Only bring your fiance if he wants to be there so you are free to explore the show and see all the options on your time table.

Some of the latest tips and trends in weddings, you ask? You don’t have to serve cake. You can do a dessert bar instead.

Lots of brides need to save money on their weddings these days…. Here’s a suggestion to do that: work out a deal with your hotel. Have everyone stay for a couple of days and do all of your events there. For example, the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, bachelor party, etc. You can usually work out a package and save on your reception as well.

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