4 Ways To Save Money On Travel And Vacations

It’s no secret that traveling isn’t cheap. According to Forbes, the average American family spends around 10% of their total earnings per year on vacations—and that amounts to well over $1,000 per person. In fact, 74% of people admit to going into over $1,000 worth of debt to pay for their vacations and travel. But does travel really need to be the resource hog it’s made out to be?

The good news is that taking a vacation doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! With these budget-friendly travel tips, you can keep those costs down while still making your next vacation fun and exciting.

1. Book Through Priceline

There are a plethora of hotel deal websites out there. For example, Priceline has the advantage of helping you save money on flights, hotels, and rental cars — which is almost the entire traveling needs package. Priceline finds discounts in a variety of ways, including leveraging hotels that can’t fill all of their rooms, or car rentals companies that need to rent a car out but don’t have a client yet.

However, your discount journey doesn’t have to stop there. You can look online for Priceline coupons and discount deals to layer in additional savings. This makes it even easier to save on other major aspects of traveling, as well as any items you may need like sunscreen or a new pair of sunglasses.

2. Use Credit Card Points

There are thousands of credit card companies competing for your business. So, many of them add benefits on top of their cards to sway users to join. These benefits can include free hotel rooms, airfare miles, and even free car rentals.

Most of these types of deals require you to spend a certain amount to earn rewards. But if you start using your credit card for meals and bills a few months before you’re planning on traveling, you might be able to score some freebies that will help you stretch that vacation budget.

3. Tap Into The Shared Economy

The still-emerging shared economy lets you tap into other people’s resources to make your vacations a little cheaper. For example, Airbnb lets you rent out accommodations from people with spare rooms or homes, while Eatwith lets you enjoy dinner parties and food tours with locals—which is often much cheaper than eating out. And Uber lets you get rides from other people from almost anywhere in the world. All of these apps can help you save some serious dough, and they give you the opportunity to engage with locals and learn about the neat spots in the city you may not know about.

4. Be Flexible

Maybe you really want to stay at that specific 5-star hotel with the amazing fountain and kitsch martini glasses that you saw on Instagram. But what happens when you run across another great hotel on Priceline that costs half of the price? Being flexible with your travel plans is crucial for those who want to save some serious cash on travel expenses. You may not love that rental car, but if it’s cheaper, why not use it? We’re not saying not to plan your vacation in advance (you definitely should!), but you should be willing to change those plans on the fly when a good deal presents itself.

Traveling Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

Whether you need to travel for business or you’re looking to squeeze every penny out of that family vacation, you don’t need to go into debt to experience the thrills and joy of travel. As long as you make flexible plans, you can take advantage of bundle deals from companies like Priceline, shared economy services, and credit card promos to make the most of your trip (and your wallet!).

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