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Located on the south shore of Maui in Hawaii, Makena is known for its abundance of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters – perfect for snorkeling and diving adventures.

Makena, Maui is renowned for its pristine beaches and stunning landscapes, but there are so many more amazing attractions and experiences to be had. From surfing the waves of Big Beach to enjoying a variety of outdoor activities and cultural attractions, Makena has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation or an adventure-filled holiday, this Hawaiian paradise will not disappoint.

The town also boasts some of the most spectacular sunsets as well as numerous hiking trails providing stunning views and encounters with wildlife. Whether you want to stay near the beach or explore further inland, Makena has plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re looking to experience the best that Makena has to offer, here are some must-dos:

Take a surf lesson at Big Beach: Located just south of Makena, Big Beach is one of Maui’s most popular surf spots. With consistent waves perfect for beginners and experts alike, it’s no wonder why locals flock here day after day. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience with professional instructors who can show you the ropes (or boards in this case), take part in a private or group surf lesson at Big Beach!

Enjoy a snorkel tour: For those wanting to get up close with marine life, join one of the many snorkel tours available around Makena – often accompanied by experienced guides who will show you all the top spots! With beautiful coral reefs teeming with schools of tropical fish and other sea creatures like sea turtles and dolphins, your time underwater will be truly unforgettable.

Visit local attractions: While spending time on Makena’s glowing white sand beaches is certainly an enjoyable pastime in itself, there’s plenty more to explore when inland too! On top of galleries showcasing traditional artifacts like hula skirts and kava bowls, there are also botanical gardens such as Wailele Ulu Wai Preserve that’s home to native Hawaiian plants like ohia lehua trees – perfect if you want a break from the sun – plus smaller parks offering stunning views across the coastlines below.

Check out Haleakala National Park: Located approximately 45 minutes away from Makena by car lies Haleakala National Park – an awe-inspiring landscape dotted with cinder cones made from cooled lava flows that span across much of Upcountry Maui’s highlands! Take your time exploring this incredible slice of nature – hike through its sprawling terrain that offers breathtaking views across valleys below or simply enjoy some laidback stargazing beneath its starry night skies – either way it won’t disappoint!

Taste local cuisine: No visit to Makena would be complete without sampling some delicious seafood dishes! From tantalizing poke bowls bursting with flavor to succulent grilled fish served alongside freshly grown fruits & vegetables from nearby farms; no matter what type of dish you opt for there’s something here sure make your taste buds sing with delight!

Learn about Hawaiian culture & history: End your trip off right by taking part in a guided tour around Makena where you can gain insight into its fascinating heritage and culture first hand – hug ancient banyan trees while hearing tales told by generations before or take part in an interactive performance dedicated solely to traditional Hawaiian music & dance; these unique experiences guarantee memories that’ll last long after your holiday ends!

Explore nearby towns: After spending some quality beach time in Makena head out towards nearby towns such as Kihei where visitors can find historic sites along with shopping malls plus numerous restaurants serving up innovative cuisine; alternatively venture further west towards Lahaina which boasts art galleries showcasing local artwork alongside live music events at sunset – both easily reachable within half an hour from central locations around town making them ideal destinations should visitors wish spend more time exploring outside their chosen destination area!

Finally don't forget to enjoy all that Mother Nature has bestowed upon this special spot - from whale watching during winter months between December & March (when giants such as humpbacks migrate close by) or simply strolling along tranquil pathways as turquoise waters sparkle radiantly beneath bright blue skies above - however you decide to spend your days here rest assured they will be filled with beautiful natural wonders beyond compare!

Maui County welcomes over 2 million tourists each year due largely in part because they recognize how special places like Makena can be – replete with enthralling attractions yet still calm enough so visitors feel relaxed & rejuvenated during their stay – so head on over today & discover why ‘The Valley isle


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