Hi, everyone, I went to Hawaii by using LCC airline “Air Asia” and today, I’m going to review how the flight was 🙂

Air Asia…Departure…Honolulu…that one. This is the first time to use LCC airline and spend more than 1 and half hours in the LCC airplane… I am so nervous how small seats are… because it’s going to take 8 hours to get Hawaii… 🙁 Well, Web Check-In is NOT available for Air Asia expect for expectant mothers and specific guests. So, it’s too crowded….! I recommend you to check in early. You can bring 1 baggage with you. BUT if you have big one and small one, you can bring 2 of them with you.

The total weight of both bags are not to exceed 7kg. You can check in 2 of your baggage up to 40kg. You have 2 options: 1 baggage up to 20kg or 2 baggage up to 40kg It will be cheaper if you select the baggage option when you book your flight at the same time. If you decide to check in your baggage on the day you travel… It’s going to cost three times as much as when you book your flight…:'( So, I highly recommend you to select a baggage option at the same time when you book your flight or register a baggage option through internet 4 HOURS BEFORE your flight.

In my case, I had registered my baggage online but these were NOT registered because some errors had occurred. I was kinda sad and it was not only for my fault, so I asked the staff and they said “You need to pay ‘today’s fee’ for now, but please call customer service and solve the problem.” So please check your baggage option is selected in advance. Oh, well…I couldn’t smoothly check in because of that baggage trouble. But finally I could check in…! FYI, They DO NOT have meal services for free. You can buy some, but the time they serve is only available for certain time. Also, they PROHIBIT you to bring food with you when you get on the airplane, So I recommend you to eat something before departure for not making you hungry.

Almost there~ Sleepy… It’s a night flight, so I will try to sleep in the airplane… This is how Air Asia’s Airplane look like. Mainly red on it and I think it’s cute~ 😀 Here we go~~~! My first impression is… NARROW HALLWAY!!!! It’s super narrow, so please be careful not to hit passengers when you get through it. There are 3 blocks in 1 row and each block has 3 seats. FYI, it’s not free but there is an option to select your seat. Of course, you can select the highest grade one for a wider seat. Also, you can select a standard seat that nobody is sitting in front of you so that you can have more space or, nobody is sitting behind you so that you can recline your seat.

Please be aware that there are seat options you can select 😀 For me, I didn’t select my seat. The most important part… This is how wide the seat in Air Asia~~ Ta-Daaaaaaaaaah~~ 😀 SMALL!!!! Honestly, It’s like a small bus’ seat… I put iPhone 6 Plus like that to compare. There is not so much space in front, so I feel it too tight to recline my seat and stretch my legs. I got so nervous for upcoming 8 hours flight with this tiny seat… Flight attendants show safety instruction. Here is the thing that I like the most for Air Asia… The flight attendants are great.  I have taken may airlines, and I think Air Asia’s flight attendant is the most attractive flight attendants in other airlines.  Their services were nice, and sometimes, Japanese flight attendants are too polite, but I felt comfortable with Air Asia because they were frank 🙂 well, they were cute, that’s all I want to tell you guys.LOL BUT! Look, Air condition was voodoo strong…:O (freezing…) Well, blanket is NOT free so, I recommend you to bring a bath towel, a hoodie, and pants with you.

In my case, only departing flight was freezing. Return flight was hot. So, something you can easily take off and put on, or something you can pull over yourself, like a bath towel as I mentioned earlier. I was so nervous if I could sleep because the seat was small and it was freezing… BUT! I brought something nice ~~~ I brought the air pillow, you can blow it up. I will upload the video to introduce this pillow later 😀 well, you can lean on this pillow when you sleep, so it’s really useful. I thought it would be tough to sleep at the same position during flight, so I tried to lean on, use like a body pillow, put my chin on it, and use looking into lower it…

It has many ways to use so I made it for this long flight in a small seat. Anyway, it is night flight, so good night~ sweet dreams~ Good morning~ To be honest, I couldn’t sleep well, but not like I couldn’t sleep at all. Many people were sleeping, so it depends on people, I guess. Well, I am going to go to the restroom to brush my teeth, wash my face, and put contacts. This is how the restroom in Air Asia look like. There are not big differences between other airlines. I recommend you to do skin care and put makeup at your seat for not make log line for a restroom. I only had a small mirror, so it was kinda inconvenient for makeup. If you need, I recommend you to bring a bigger mirror with you for makeup and doing skin care at your seat during flight. Also, while you sleep, your hair may be tangled, so may need to bring a hairbrush with you. From now on… I’m going to put makeup on me~~ My face will be totally different… so don’t miss it…!LOL 3…2…1…. Ta-daaah~ LOL Totally different.LOL When I am not putting makeup on me, I am like a different person.LOL Now, I am ready and it’s about 1 hour left to go! Finally~ I got Honolulu 😀 Because of temperature in the airplanes (too cold or too hot) small, having a trouble with my baggage…

I can’t say it was perfect flight BUT! It was really cheap, so I was satisfied with it. I think I want to use Air Asia again 😀 BUT! If you get a meal during flight, get a blanket, grade up your seat, and check in your baggage at the day you go… it possibly end up flight ticket would be more expensive than other airlines. So please watch this video when you prepare a :d I made it~ Yaaaaaaay~ 😀 Now, I am …at Honolulu airport. It was a long flight… Air Asia was pretty small and I am kinda tired already.LOL But the air pillow saved me a little. It’s Honolulu airport~ 😀 Ta-Daaaah~ Thank you very much for watching my video! 😀 Hope it would be helpful to you 🙂 Recommended places in Hawaii, video featured with Youtuber in Hawaii, the famous coffee shop in the Japanese TV show “TERRACE HOUSE BOYSGIRLS NEXT DOOR”…


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